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Allowing passage of light and ventilation in rooms, a flush door is used to provide interlinks between the interior parts of the house. It is basically a solid core door comprising a clock board, cross bands as well as veneer faces on either of its sides. Apart from this, plywood is also used on the facing to give it more fine and aesthetic appearance. Although simply designed, Wooden Flush Doors add to the appearance of the room and are highly durable as compared to other doors. These are made using different kinds of wood and are provided in variety of colors.
Flush Door
Product Code :- 05
Plywood Flush Door
Product Code :- 13
Wooden Flush Door
Product Code :- 14
MR grade Plywood, meaning Moisture Resistant Plywood which can withstand certain amount of moisture as well as humidity is widely used for indoor purposes. These are primarily used in making furniture for offices, homes, like drawing room, living room etc for partitions, panel doors, false ceilings etc. Also termed as commercial grade plywood, it is suitable for applications which demand durability at economical prices. This is resistant to termite, borer, environment friendly and has the highest internal density as compared to other plywood. Different layers or grains are connected together using urea formaldehyde adhesive. Besides, these are free from any warping effects which make these last long for years.
MR Plywood
Product Code :- 01
Boiling Water Resistant Plywood or BWR grade plywood is a water proof best selling plywood used for making furniture. Used particularly in exterior applications, this plywood can also be used for semi-outdoor or indoor areas with humid conditions. These are used for making kitchen cabinets, kitchen furniture etc which are exposed to water every day. These are manufactured with high quality phenolic resins or phenol formaldehyde adhesive which imparts water proofing qualities to this plywood. Also, these are chemically treated using acid copper chrome composition for better durability and stability as well as to prevent against termite and borers.
BWR Plywood
Product Code :- 02
Moisture resistant and eco friendly, MR Grade Block Board is used for making partitions, shelves, shutters and in load bearing, horizontal panel applications. These are made using solid blocks of woods which are placed together across the board in horizontal direction with both the front and back surface covered with veneers. Various kinds of woods are used to impart mechanical strength to these boards. The wooden blocks are bonded using urea formaldehyde adhesive under high temperature and pressure for providing permanent bonding. Treated with specific chemicals, this resin makes MR block Board more resistant towards termite and borers.
MR Block Board
Product Code :- 03
Block Board
Product Code :- 12
Made of soft wood, BWP Grade Block Board is basically boiling water proof board which uses premium glue phenol formaldehyde to provide better resistance against humidity and water. These boards are preferred by carpenters for its excellent ability to hold screws and nails as compared to other boards like medium density fibre boards. Because the core blocks are formed using softwood, these boards are extremely light weight as compared to hardwood which has high density and more weight. These BWP Block Boards are finished using varnishes, paints and can also be laminated.
BWP Block Board
Product Code :- 04
Made with waterproof glue, Marine Plywood is hardwood plywood which is light in weight and durable and is used for outdoor furniture to provide good protective finishing. Waterproof glue helps in keeping the wood layers of the plywood intact even when exposed to high humidity, boiling temperature or moisture. Commercial Marine Grade Plywood comprises more than five layers that are attached with each other using a waterproof adhesive which helps it in bearing heavy loads and repelling moisture. Available in variety of thickness, these are easy to bend and cut which makes it apt for subfloor.
Marine Plywood
Product Code :- 06
Marine Grade Plywood
Product Code :- 15
Marine Plywood Board
Product Code :- 16
Comprising three layers of wood, a Plywood is presses into flat sheets to be used in construction purposes or in furniture, boats etc. These are either made of soft wood which is bonded using phenol formaldehyde resin for better resistance to moisture and additional strength while hard wood use urea formaldehyde resin for interior applications. These are available in the form of sheets which vary in thickness ranging from 1.6 mm to 76 mm with veneers on the front and back surface of different thickness. These are usually strong and resistant to impact damage and comparatively easy to cut.
Gunjan Plywood
Product Code :- 02
Shagun Plywood
Product Code :- 03
Ply Board
Product Code :- 17