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BWR Plywood

BWR Plywood

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We have become the No.1 choice of our esteemed customers for unmatched in quality BWR Plywood. Our establishment is engaged in offering Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) line of plywood keeping into view exact requirements of the customers. The application of remarkable GLP (Glue Line Protection) formula helps in providing termite as well as borer proof abilities to the every single ply. This plywood has captured customers attention with its 7 years based guarantee.


USP of BWR Plywood


  • Matchless GLP formula assists in making every ply termite & borer proof.
  • Huge number of plies for the purpose of increased strength.
  • Applying pre-pressing technology, it ensures enough time for transferring excellently preservatives into the veneers more deeply prior hot pressing. This process assists in evenly distributing moisture all over the ply.
  • Warp resistant plywood that boasts about keeping up its original shape for the longest time.


Technical Data

Moitsure Content (%)

8 - 12

Glue Shear Strength (kgf)

> 135

Water Resistance Test (kgf)

> 110 dry > 100 wet

Mycological Test (kg)

> 110

Adhesion of plies


Preservation Treatment

Two Tier Treatment:
1. Glue line is fortified with non- leachable organophosphorous compound (USA technology).
2. Finished panels are treated with CCA or Acid Copperchrome compound

Specific Gravity


Water Absorption

< 5%

Screw Holding Strength (kg)

> 275

Nail Holding Strength (kg)

> 150