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Flush Door

Flush Door

Product Code :- 05

Our company has achieved strongest position by the means of rendering lasting quality of Flush Door. We have introduced designer range of such doors for completing demands of our intended customers in this industry. Our provided door is made utilizing composite construction of remarkable timber components. At the time of production process, professional team ensures to press the door at high temperature as well as pressure. This done for making Flush Door capable of excellently tolerating high weight. We introduce such doors in diversified thickness and sizes for assisting customers to pick as per their choice.




  • Longer Functional Life
  • Resistance against harmful organisms
  • Termite-proof
  • Lasting quality


Technical Data

Moisture Content (%)

10 - 12

Flatness of Shutter
"(twist, cupping and warping)"

not more than 1 mm

Local Planess
(surface smoothness)

not more than 0.5 mm

Impact Indentation

not more than 0.2 mm by a weight of 0.5 kg

Flexure Resistance
(residual deflection)

not more than 2 mm

Edge Loading
a) Residual deflection
b) Lateral buckling

not more than 0.2 mm
not more than 1.5 mm

Shock Resistance

no visible damage after 25 blows of 5 kg

Buckling Resistance
a) Initial deflection
b) Residual deflection

not more than 40 mm
not more than 5 mm

Slamming of the Shutter

no visible impact after 25 impacts of 15 kg

Misuse of the Shutter

no permanent deformation after the test

Varying Humidity
(adverse weather condition)

dimensional changes within 5%

End Immersion

no delamination after immersion

Adhesion of Plies


Glue Adhesion

no delamination of the glue line

Screw Holding Strength (kg)

> 200

Preservative Treatment

Two Tier Treatment:
1. Lumber and Veneers are treated with preservatives
2. Glue Line is fortified with non- leachable organophosphorous compound (USA technology)

Specific Gravity


Water Absorption

< 2%

Nail Holding Strength (kg)

> 100