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Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood

Product Code :- 06

Marine Plywood

Highest grade plywood, Marine Plywood is used majorly for making ships and boats due to its impressive characteristics like easy workability, strength durability, warping resistance and scratch proof nature. We have this plywood available in standard shapes, finishes and sizes. This type of plywood is very affordable and has the potential of handling dampness and moisture of great level, which is also why it is preferred for marine applications. Our Marine Plywood is extremely hard and comes with a thick layer of glue that blocks moisture from approaching the inside of plywood, thus, making it completely wear and tear resistant. 

Being the most trustworthy Marine Plywood manufacturer and Marine Plywood supplier of our domain, we understand our responsibility and accountability, hence we maintain optimum quality standards while manufacturing our range of Marine Plywood. Our manufactured product line is broadly used in ship building and boat building industries. Known for various salient features like Durable, Strength, Easily Workable, Resistant to Warping, and the likes, our product-line is available with different sizes and shapes. In addition to this we strive hard to design and fabricate quality assured range of products therefor our quality auditors keep a close vigil on all the production activities in our company.


Required Value


Workmanship & Finishing

Visual (Minimum)

Marine Plywood have smooth Finishing & free from crack

% Squirness

0.20% max


% Edge Straightness



% Moisture Content

5 to 15%

Glue shere straight(Indry State)


1210N, 1532N, 1392N, 1378N

Adhesion of plies

Excellent/Pass standard


Water Resistance Test

Ind. 800N
Avg. 1000N

1108N, 984N, 1236N, 1109.33N

Adhesion of plies

Excellent/Pass Standard

Pass Standard

Mycological Test

Avg. 1000N

1215N, 1155N, 1140N, 1170N

Adhesion of plies

Excellent /Pass standard

Pass standard

Tensile strength

Along the grain

42.00 N/mml

58.50 N/mml

Across the grain

25.00 N/mml

31.25 N/mml

Sum of two direction

84.50 N/mml

89.75 N/mml

Modulus of Rapture

(A) In Dry State

Along the grain

50 N/mml

54.18 N/mml

Across the grain

30 N/mml

36.52 N/mml

(B) In Wet State

Along the grain

25 N/mml

27.24 N/mml

Across the grain

15 N/mml

18.38 N/mml

Modulus of Elasticity

(A) In Dry State

Along the grain

7500 N/mml

8126 N/mml

Across the grain

4000 N/mml

4215 N/mml

(B) In Wet state

Along the grain

3750 N/mml

4120 N/mml

Across the grain

2000 N/mml

2235 N/mml

Retention of Preservative

12.00 kg/m3

12.40 kg/m3